Dating Online: What You Need To Look Out For

Now a day with the internet, online dating has become more and more a simpler, fun way to meet someone. But like with anything especially on the internet, you should always watch out for scammers and those who want to take advantage of you. But what should you look out for? Here are some tips and things you should look out for.

Behind The Scamming: How It Works

Most often dating scammers lurk in online dating sites. They do this by creating a fake account. Sometimes, they also create social media accounts and emails so they can contact their victims. You might know this ‘catfishing.’

The fake profiles are created to lure victims looking for love. They usually use a false identity or create a fictional one like for example military personnel or a professional working out of the country. They usually have pictures of good looking individuals as their profile picture which is usually a stock photo. One of the ways scammers try to lure their targets is through showing their victims with affection and loving words. They will often manipulate their victims through sharing ‘personal information’ as well as sending them gifts. This tactic is known as love bombing. They will try to manipulate their targets in gaining their trust through building months to make you feel like this is a once in a lifetime like romance. They would then get their victim’s hopes up by saying they’re going to book for a flight to meet up with you but then ‘something came up.’

Suddenly the honeymoon face wears out; when they feel they got your trust that they will start asking you either directly or indirectly for things like money, banking card details, and gifts. They will also try to extort images or videos of you which can be explicitly sexually. Most of the time the scammer will explain that they’re in a financially tight situation while the sexual images and videos extortion is they plan to sell it online.

What You Need To Look Out For

1.    They usually want to contact you outside of the dating site through personal email.

2.    They immediately claim to love you even though you just met.

3.    They claim to be a westerner but is working abroad or traveling a lot.

4.    They have plans to visit but all of a sudden can’t come because ‘something came up.’

5.    The profile has few images which seem to be done model stock photos.

6.    Scammers will avoid video chat and would never show up.

7.    They ask for money and want you to help with their financial transactions.

8.    They will give you a link to another website or service which is a ploy to get your financial information or to download malware.

9.    They try to establish a close relationship by giving their victims ‘personal information which nobody knows of except for you.’

10.    When in doubt ask yourself: “Is this going to fast?” or “Is too good to be true?” Stick to your Gut. If your instincts tell you this is incredibly unbelievably too good then don’t pursuit in a relationship because chances are it’s a scam.